Throwback Thursday: Beast’s Fiction

Although I had listened to other K-Pop songs before this, Fiction was the song that made me a K-Pop fan. It is still my all time favorite K-Pop song. Beast no longer exists. 5 of the members have become a group named Highlight. I will be seeing Highlight at KCON NY this weekend and I thought this would be a good time to re-visit the group’s greatest song ever.

I think Fiction is the iconic Beast song. No song has better defined their sound or their style. This song stirs up a feeling of melancholy like none other. I am listening to the song, as I write this, and it still gives me the same “feels” as when I first listened to it. I have listened to this song hundreds of times and it never gets old. You might think you know where the song is going, but it will surprise you with another comeback. The melody builds, comes down, and then the melody builds again making you feel like you are listening to a new beat.

The instrumentation is brilliant. This track is one of the best of my favorite uses of strings and even includes a harp. It gives the song an almost classical feel which is rare in K-Pop. One of the YouTube reactors does a wonderful piano cover of this track.


And there is indeed an orchestra version of this song, on the album, which just might be even better than the original. Beast’s live performance of this song on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook is definitely one of K-Pop’s greatest. Their voices seem to be made for live performances.

Fiction might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is not one of Beast’s most hype songs. It’s not very suitable for playing in the background. I like to listen to it when I feel down or when I want to re-live old memories. And after having watched the MV as many times as I have, it is difficult to not have that story playing around in your head either. It is one of those songs that leaves a strong impact on the listeners whether you love the song or not.

What is you opinion of Beast’s Fiction?



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Beast’s Fiction

  1. Ooh that is cool that you are goin to KCON. Hope you have fun. 😀

    I never followed BEAST while they were active but I have started listening to them recently. I liked Highlight and decided to go back and listen to their earlier work. 🙂


    • The kcon lineup this year is not my favorite but I did travel a ways to see Highlight.
      I am happy you liked Highlight’s work. Beast has a lot of good music but their best work tends to be break up songs 🙂


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