A great Kpop week

I wrote a post about my favorite K-Pop tracks from the first half of the year. I also shared some of my favorite albums of the year. But, overall, 2017, especially in the past month or so, has been quite disappointing. Then sometime last week, things changed. I came across a few great tracks one after another. These could all be classified as pop-rock. DAY6 released my favorite song of last year but I have been disappointed by their releases this year so maybe I just needed some songs to fill that rock void.

N.Flying- The Real

Probably the most popular one on the list. I have been looking forward to an N.Flying comeback for about 2 years. Their last album, Awesome, is one of my favorite K-Pop releases. I was surprised by their decision to add a new member to the group but if that was what it took for them to make a comeback, I was totally ok. The track definitely did not disappoint. The crazy meta music video was the highlight for me. And of course the special appearance by our beloved Jang Moon Bok.


Buzz- The Love 

They are a pretty old rock group that are known for their ballads. They don’t seem to be too popular with the international audience probably because we don’t love ballads like they do in Korea. This kind of anthemic rock ballads are right up my alley. The sadder, the better. It’s all about the lead singer’s vocals and his ability to constantly hit those high notes. I know I will continue to get goosebumps every time I listen to this song. Jung Joon Young does not have quite as impressive vocals but I would love to see him to a cover of this track.


JJ Project- Tomorrow, Today

I had to look them up to learn that they are GOT7 members, JB and Jinyoung and this subunit had debuted even before GOT7. I am not a fan of GOT7’s recent music so I was very glad that these two took a very different route. This sounds very much like it could be a DAY6 track. The harmonies are absolutely fabulous and it’s just super comforting.


The Rose- Sorry

I had absolutely no clue who these guys were. It turns out that they are a new band under J&Star Entertainment and this is their debut song. They might be considered K-Indie but I learned that their lead vocalist is a winner of one of the reality shows. Whatever the case, their company needs to get on promoting this group. As for myself, I found a new group to stan.


I listened to these four songs on repeat as I wrote this and they still sound excellent. This year has had a many good tracks but I just happened to find all of these in the past week and it has made me very happy. Thank you K-Pop 2017.


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  1. I liked N.Flying’s early stuff too but after hearing this new comeback I dont think I could ever go back to just the 4 of them. This new member I feel completes them. Their new MV is their best work to date for me as far as I am concerned. 🙂

    Also I gotta say that I had not heard of the song “Sorry” until this post. Woah its so good. I dont like these type of slower songs usually. Mostly when its just an electronic beat in the backround but when you have actual intruments involved, they can win me over. And thats what just happened here. 😀

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