Welcome to To Be Contin-ewed!

I created this blog as a space to share my personal thoughts on Asian dramas I watch. I was surprised by the relatively few sites reviewing Japanese and Thai dramas and wanted to contribute to it. This is not intend to be a review site but a compilation of thoughts and ideas I have after watching a drama. I want this to be an open and honest space where we can freely share all the drama discussions that we would otherwise not have.

I also want this to be a space where I can talk about food and cooking. I have a passion for all things food, from food production to eating. I want to use this blog to journal my growth and learning as an academic as well as a home chef.

I am a drama addict who has been watching K-Dramas since 2010. My first drama was You’re Beautiful but the drama that sucked me in was Coffee Prince. Since then, I have also gone down the K-Pop rabbit hole and continued to stay there. In my “normal” life, I am an educator. I have done a variety of jobs from writing policy to raising sheep. Hence my blog name and avatar.

Thank you for reading 🙂

P.S: IF you are interested in what I am currently watching, here is my list.